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Network Television Coming Back to Utah

When “Touched by an Angel” ended in 2006, so ended the only network television series filmed in Utah. Nine years later, we are excited for the return of network television and a boost to the local economy. The new show, “Blood & Oil,” will follow an ambitious young couple, as they take on the oil boom in North Dakota and butt heads with an equally ambitious oil tycoon.

It’s worth noting that the entire series will take place in North Dakota, a state rarely mistaken for Utah. While that may be the case, all of the economic benefits will remain here in Utah. The series is projected to make an economic impact of about 33 million dollars, and the cast and crew will likely bring about 3,000 local jobs. ABC, the company behind the show, was offered an 8.3 million dollar tax credit by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development Board, and that likely contributed to ABC’s decision to choose the Beehive state.

The decision will hopefully have longer-term benefits for Utah’s film industry. The show should bring additional credibility to a state that is already on the forefront of film. Utah already boasts unbeatable filming locations and resources that could attract more networks in coming years. The series is due to debut in September; and, in the meantime, the GOED has also announced that it will provide financial support to an additional five productions.

Those additional projects, including three feature films and two reality shows, are projected to bring in an additional 3 million, and they are projected to hire an additional 800 local cast and crew members. The largest of those projects is “Mythica,” a film project that is projected to spend over a million dollars, which will receive a maximum tax credit of $278,000.

Utah has always maintained a reputation as a film destination, and that reputation is growing rapidly in 2015 and we can only imagine the future of film in Utah.

For additional info on Film Utah, or to hire Walkingstick for your next masterpiece, hit up or call 435-640-9119. Always love to hear what you have going on!

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