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Stay Ahead of the Curve with Twitter Promoted Video Ads

For some time now, we’ve become used to embedded video in our Twitter feeds. Video has found a home on Twitter, and they are getting ready to renovate the house with Promoted Video.


When referring to “Promoted Video,” we are not talking about promoting an embedded video in a tweet; we are talking about a new advertising platform that will provide the kind of video metrics you’ve come to expect from YouTube.

Similarly to YouTube’s TrueView video ads, Twitter’s Promoted Video ads will be paid for on a Cost Per View (CPV) basis. That means advertisers will only have to pay for real views. Additionally, the New York Times recently reported that Twitter is preparing to increase the number of ads that will appear in user streams. Their plan is to increase the ad load to 5%, which would result in one ad for every twenty or so tweets. Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, noted that it may not be exactly 5%, but that in would be in that ballpark.


At the moment, Twitter is serving up ads a rate of approximately one ad per every 25-30 non-ads, and the increase in ads served up doesn’t just apply to Twitter. The same New York Times article indicates that Facebook will also be looking to have their ad load in the realm of 5% as well. The increase in ads will certainly give advertisers ample opportunity to capture audiences, as they will now be able to target a wider set of parameters from searched keywords to interests and tailored audiences.


Twitter’s Promoted Video features plus their plan to increase ad load is a dream come true for advertisers. Twitter reported their 4th quarter revenue to have grown 97% year over year, while their number of users only growing by 2%. I think it’s safe to say Twitter is reaching out to advertisers, and telling them that they are ready to make money together.

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