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Spring 2023 KT Tape Rebranding

Teamwork! It truly does make the dream work. Our recent post-production project for KT Tape required us to upscale to accommodate the project needs, building a diverse team of women and men across multiple backgrounds, and several states to handle all Editorial, Motion Graphics, VFX, VO, Sound Design, Mix & Mastering, Color, and all the other goodness that goes into making world-class content—Trust us, we know ALL about teamwork here at Walkingstick Presentations ! 🙌😀

This is one of the videos we did for them and serves as their company Manifesto. Couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out and loved working with the great people at KT Tape. Such a cool organization. We’ve got to say, the new look and fresh branding of this campaign and site are absolutely stunning.

Check the work out for yourself on their new site ( full of fresh content and a new lineup of athletic tape products that will help take your physical pursuits to the next level!

And of course, don’t forget to check us out the next time you are looking to make your next video, film, or VR project. We’d love to put our talented team to work for you!!


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