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3 Things To Consider When Writing Your Next Commercial Script

Think about the last few commercials that have been produced for your company. Did they bring in the expected revenue? Did they make your brand more memorable? Did they target a specific demographic to maximize opportunity costs?

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A script is the skeleton upon which the rest of a project is built. It can make or break your results. So, during your next commercial campaign, make sure the script is on point.

Here are three basic tips for writing a script for a TV commercial or Web commercial:

What is the goal of the commercial? The question sounds redundant, but truthfully it isn’t. One might think that the goal is simply to make more money, but the real question is “How is this commercial going to make more money?” If the commercial is for a car dealership, the goal of the commercial might be to highlight the new cars, to bolster sales of the new models. For a restaurant, it might be to feature a new menu, to attract a broader customer base. Or, for an outdoor sports store, it might be to show next season’s gear being pushed to the limits, to get customers in the door and buying what they need to be ready to rock. To keep your script focused, think broadly initially, then fine-tune as you revise. Once you know the goal for your commercial you are ready to write the script.

Don’t Be Afraid to Brand Yourself. We’ve all seen it. The commercial where the representative of the company stands in front of the camera and tells you why you need their product. Not that riveting, right? The “acting” usually sucks, and it’s not going to grab anybody’s attention unless they’re already looking for specifically what you have. It’s just not effective marketing. Don’t tell people about your products and services--Show Them! Nobody likes to be lectured to. But even more important, video is a visual art form. Capitalize on it! Brand yourself as a staple in your industry by incorporating your products and services into a story or message that makes people yearn for what you can offer them.

Get Your Script and A/V Cues Approved Beforehand. You will save a boatload of time and money by not having to re-record, re-write, re-shoot, re-edit or redo any of the other countless inconveniences that come as a result of not getting someone’s approval. It doesn’t matter if you think you’ve just produced the commercial of the century. If your peers and superiors don’t like it, they may send you back to production. This adds cost and time, which are usually in short supply to begin with.

Give your commercial the ability to live up to it’s true potential by writing a script that states your goal clearly and effectively. This is the best way to keep consumers reaching for their wallets.

For additional tips on how to craft your next story, or to hire Walkingstick for your next masterpiece, hit up or call 435-640-9119. Always love to hear what you have going on!

**All images used in this post have been downloaded from the internet. We do not claim to own them. Please contact us if you would like us to remove any of the images included herein. We would be happy to do so if needed. Thanks.

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