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5 Tips for Creating Better Videos This New Year

Becoming a professional filmmaker takes years of study, practice, more study, followed by evermore practice and study. But there are some basic techniques you can do to help as you strive to master the art of filmmaking. Here are five simple tips that you can use on your way to creating better films this New Year, and beyond.

1) Shoot from Multiple Vantage Points: Once your night is over, that’s it. Since Parker hasn't brought his time-travel device to market yet, you won’t own one, and subsequently won’t be able to go back for pickup shots. That’s really going to suck when you try to do your cool Instagram edit and all you have is one angle. Lame! Solution; move you camera. Simple as that. Choose a few different angles, filmed either simultaneously or not, and your videos will take a turn for the better.


2) Don’t Hesitate to Grab the Tripod: You can get your hands on a decent amateur tripod for cheap. Do it. They guarantee a stable shot, and a tripod meant for video allows you to smoothly track movement. Unless you can afford a good Smooth-Cam rig, use a tripod.

Zoom Effect-Small.jpg

3) To Zoom, or Not to Zoom? That is the question: Basically it comes down to this: Do you want a reality TV look, or a cinematic look? That’s it. Reality TV is more prone to a lot of zoom action, cinema tends to frame the shot and let it roll with little, if any zoom unless the shot demands it for dramatic purposes. No matter what though, take it easy. Your viewers don’t want to be dizzy.


4) Be Prepared And Bring A Spare: There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of great night and realizing you can’t keep shooting. No buzzer-beater fame frame for you! Charge you batteries the night before, and bring a backup. Same thing goes for memory cards. If you’re shooting away from home, you can’t bank on finding a film store in the local vicinity. Be prepared and don’t get stuck!


5) Be Aware of Your Surroundings (aka, the Photo Bomb): We’ve all been there. Thought we had the perfect shot, only to check it out later and realize some object or person has totally bombed your background. Get to know your surroundings before they get to know you. It may cost you your shot.


All of these tips will help you on your path to becoming the Samurai Video Warrior you desire to be. Nothing comes without practice though, so get out there and do it!

For additional tips on how to make a great video, or to hire Walkingstick for your next masterpiece, hit up or call 435-640-9119. Always love to hear what you have going on!

***All photos for this article are from the internet. We do not claim to own any of the images represented herein.

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