4 Tips to Help You Edit Great Video

January 27, 2016



With over a decade of experience in film editing, the Walkingstick Presentations team knows a thing or two about the things that can be done to turn a good shoot into a great film.  Here are four of our best tips for editing. 



1.     You Can’t Have Enough B-Roll – The same way a lunch buffet can bring you a variety of options for your         meal, having a ton of b-roll gives you options galore when in the editing process.   You will be glad

        to have resources at hand.  Take a buffet’s worth of b-roll because it’s much harder to re-shoot than it is

        to just do it right the first time. 


2.     Choose the Right Take Based on Performance – When sifting through multiple takes of a single scene,           we always advise to go with the take that has the best performance.  The best performance will provoke         the most emotion from your audience, while a performance without feeling will stall your story or                       message.  Performance should dictate your choices because your audience will be more compelled by           how they feel compared to what they see.


3.      Extra Audio Sources Will Never Hurt – Bad sound quality can make a big difference when producing                film.  Make sure to hire a professional who has the correct tools. Nothing pulls attention from a classy

         edit like shitty audio. Don't risk it!


4.      Pace Yourself and Your Film – If you start moving through your film too quickly, your audience will get              lost.  On the other hand, if you move too slowly, they will get bored.  Finding the right pace and tempo              for your film will ensure that your message is properly conveyed.  Also don’t forget to pace yourself! 

         Editing can be tedious and tiresome so don’t forget about the importance of the occasional break!



For additional tips on film editing, or to hire us to edit your next masterpiece, send an email to info@walkingstickpresentations.com or call Parker at (435) 512-1711. We'd love to hear what you have going on!


**All images used in this post have been downloaded from the internet. We do not claim to own them. Please contact us if you would like us to remove any of the images included herein. We would be happy to do so if needed. Thanks.

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